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4.Other financial support services

Disability allowance (health insurance)

What is the disability allowance from health insurance?

A disability allowance is the amount of money you receive from your health insurance program, when you can no longer work and no longer receive earnings from your company as a result of off-the-job illness or injury. You can receive a disability allowance for one diagnosis (including related illnesses and injuries), for a total of 18 months. All of the following conditions must be met, for eligibility.

  • The insurance is in your name (other than National Health Insurance).
  • You are not able to work because of illness or injury.
  • You are not receiving a salary.
    If you are receiving a salary, but the amount is lower than the amount of disability allowance, you may receive the difference.
  • At least four consecutive days have passed since the last day you were able to work (including holidays)
    The first three days treated as a period of stay, when no payment is made. Payment will apply from the fourth day.

How much is a disability allowance payment?

For each day of leave, you will receive two-thirds of your standard monthly income, as calculated per day.
* Your standard monthly income is the amount of your regular income calculated for the purpose of determining welfare pension premiums. In this case, this amount is divided into 50 equal portions.

How do I apply for disability allowance?

Application forms are available at your health insurance agency or insurance section of your company (a medical report form is included). After your doctor fills out the medical report, take it to your health insurance office.

Necessary documents

  • Application form for disability allowance (with office identification and doctor's opinion)
  • Personal seal
  • Insurance certificate
  • For first time applicants, something to show your employment status (copy of attendance record, payroll, time card, etc.)
  • In the case of an injury, cause of injury report

Place of Application

  • Health insurance
    Social Insurance office
  • Health insurance under union management
    Health insurance society
  • Mutual Aid Pension
    All offices

Is there a set period that I can receive disability allowance?

You can receive a disability allowance for one diagnosis (including related illnesses and injuries), for a total of 18 months. Payment will end after that period, whether you have healed or not. However, if you develop other complications, you may apply for disability allowance towards those. To receive the allowance, you are generally required to submit a designated document (doctor's report) each month.

If I quit my job while receiving disability allowance, can I continue to receive the allowance?

If you meet all of the following conditions, you may continue to receive disability allowance. Please ask your social worker or someone who can help you for details.

  • You have been insured under the health insurance program for at least one year.
  • Your period of stay has ended before your resignation.