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What kind of work does a social worker do?

A medical social worker (MSW) is a professional caregiver who is able to provide comprehensive support, with the use of public welfare resources, to patients who have developed difficulties in daily life due to illnesses so that they are able to resolve or at least improve some of their problems on their own.

Where can I find a social worker?

Social workers can be found working in hospitals, clinics, or medical facilities including rehab centers such as facilities for the disabled, and facilities for the elderly.

What kind of credentials do social workers have?

Presently in Japan there are two types of qualifications for care providers in social welfare: The National Certification for Social Work (1987) and the National Certification for Psychiatric Social Work (1997). Most medical social workers have one or both of these certifications.

>>Japanese Association of Social Workers in Health Services (JASWHS)