About the AIDS Center

Hiroshima Prefectural Hospital

Hiroshima Prefectural Hospital
Website http://www.hph.pref.hiroshima.jp (Japanese version)
Location 1-5-54 Ujina-kanda, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima, Japan 734-8530
Phone 082-254-1818
FAX 082-253-8274
Directions From JR Hiroshima Station, take the streetcar or bus and get off at "Kenbyoin mae" (Hiroshima Prefectural Hospital) Stop. Walk for 2 minutes.
Statistics on people with HIV Infection Providing treatment for 54 people as of the end of March 2023.

AIDS Support Office


  • Masaki Miyamoto (Internist) Head of office
  • Takeshi Okamoto (Internist)
  • Tomohiro Taniguchi (Internist)
  • Takuya Tanimoto (Internist)
  • Keiko Hamada (Nurse)
  • Kumi Kamei (Nurse)
  • Kuniko Dodo (Nurse)
  • Masako Harada (Nurse)
  • Yuji Nishi (Pharmacist)
  • Mai Tsukiyama (Social Worker)
  • Naoki Hirata (Psychotherapist)
  • Yusuke Ogawa (Secretariat)

Contact number

Phone : 082-254-1818 (Main switchboard)

See below for major departments

General Medicine Department,Respiratory Medicine Department

Days for Medical Examinations

Monday to Friday

Supervising Doctor

  • Masaki Miyamoto (General Medicine Department)
  • Takeshi Okamoto (General Medicine Department)
  • Tomohiro Taniguchi (General Medicine Department)
  • Takuya Tanimoto (Respiratory Medicine Department)

Contact number

Phone : 082-254-1818 (Main switchboard)
Internal medicine department inquiry office (extension 1060)
For your first examination, we ask that you make an appointment at the Patient Support Center if possible.

Patient Support Center

Persons in charge

  • Mai Tsukiyama (Social workers)

Contact number

Office of Admission/Discharge Support, Patient Support Center
Phone:082-252-6228 (Direct number)
Please contact the department for consultation
Persons in charge: Ms.Tsukiyama will answer your inquiries.
If necessary, the staff members can see you in person.