Chugoku-Shikoku Regional AIDS Center

Hiroshima University Hospital

1-2-3 Kasumi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City,Hiroshima, Japan 734-8551
From JR Hiroshima Station, take the bus bound for "Daigaku Byoin mae (University Hospital)" and get off at that stop. (The bus ride takes about 15 minutes.)
Statistics on people with HIV Infection
Providing treatment for the 360 people as of the end of March 2020
Treatment Departments
All departments including the departments of internal medicine, surgery, and dentistry have treated the people with HIV infection.

HIV Care Team


  • Teruhisa Fujii (Doctor, Division of Blood Transfusion)
  • Naoya Yamasaki (Doctor, Division of Blood Transfusion)
  • Tomoko Inoue (Doctor, Division of Blood Transfusion)
  • Masaki Kakimoto (Doctor, General Medicine Department)
  • Seiji Saito (Doctor and Part-time Position, Division of Blood Transfusion)
  • Akemi Miyahara (Nurse, Division of Nursing)
  • Miki Sasaki (Nurse, AIDS Care Team Office)
  • Shiho Goto (Nurse, AIDS Care Team Office)
  • Hiroko Unei (Pharmacist, Division of Pharmaceutical Services)
  • Toshikazu Ohigashi (Pharmacist, Division of Pharmaceutical Services)
  • Kenji Fujii (Pharmacist, Division of Pharmaceutical Services)
  • Soichiro Ishii (Pharmacist, Division of Pharmaceutical Services)
  • Marino Tanaka (Pharmacist, Division of Pharmaceutical Services)
  • Nobuko Kihana (Psychologist, AIDS Care Team Office)
  • Yukie Sugimoto (Psychologist, AIDS Care Team Office)
  • Eiko Shigenobu (Social Worker, AIDS Care Team Office)
  • Kyoko Onari (Social Worker, AIDS Care Team Office)
  • Hideki Shiba (Dentist, Department of Operative and Conservative Dentistry)
  • Tomoyuki Iwata (Dentists, Clinical Department of Periodontics and Endodontics)
  • Tomoaki Shintani (Dentists, Center for Oral Clinical Examination)
  • Miho Okada (Dental Hygienist, Clinical Support Department)

Part-time counselor (available for dispatch)

  • Teiji Uchino (Psychologist)
  • Hiromi Ko (Psychologist)
  • Yumi Oshita (Psychologist)

These staff members provide care directly to the patients. They hold HIV team conferences once a week to enhance medical care collaboration by sharing information and conducting case studies.

Contact number

Phone : 082-257-5555

See below for major departments

Department of Hematology and Oncology

Days for Medical Examinations

  Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri
Morning   Fujii
Yamasaki Fujii
Afternoon Yamasaki Fujii

Supervising Doctor

  • Teruhisa Fujii
  • Naoya Yamasaki
  • Tomoko Inoue
  • Seiji Saito
  • Masaki Kakimoto(General Medicine Department)

Supervising Nurse

  • Akemi Miyahara
  • Miki Sasaki
  • Shiho Goto

Contact number

Phone : 082-257-5475 (Outpatient Department)


Days for Accepting First Visits

Morning on Monday to Friday

Persons in charge


  • Tomoyuki Iwata (Clinical Department of Periodontics and Endodontics)
  • Hideki Shiba (Department of Operative and Conservative Dentistry)

Dental Hygienist:

  • Miho Okada (Dental Hygienist Section, Clinical Support Department)

Dentists and dental hygienists who have undergone specialized training on AIDS and HIV infection provide dental care. They also provide oral hygiene management (advice on brushing and confirmation of oral hygiene) on a regular basis

Contact number

Phone : Dental service reception 082-257-5703 (302 reception)

AIDS Care Team Office

Persons in charge

  • Teruhisa Fujii (Head and Doctor)
  • Nobuko Kihana (Psychologist)
  • Yukie Sugimoto (Psychologist)
  • Miki Sasaki (Nurse)
  • Shiho Goto (Nurse)
  • Eiko Shigenobu (Social Worker)
  • Kyoko Onari (Social Worker)
  • Kyoko Hamamoto (Person in charge of information)

Contact number

Phone : 082-257-5555

AIDS Working Group (Department of Nursing)


The group members have been conducting various activities to enhance their knowledge and practical nursing capabilities vis-à-vis HIV/AIDS.


Number of Nurses : 18


  • Regular bimonthly activities: information sharing and small-sized workshops
  • Attending AIDS Society meetings and making presentations to the society
  • Cooperation by the staff at nurse training sessions
  • Holding study sessions for in-house nurses (once a year)
  • Presentations at the Nursing Department Challenging Activity Report Session
  • Participating in local HIV educational activities and awareness campaigns

Other facilities