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What is a disability pension?

The disability pension is a system whereby your living expenses are guaranteed, should it become necessary to forfeit your source of income due to illness or injury. In the case of HIV infection, application is made with the diagnostic report entitled "other disabilities". The type of disability pension will be determined in accordance to your pension plan at the time of initial consultation.

National Pension Plan

Disability Basic Pension payments will be made for first- and second-grade disabilities.

Welfare Pension (Mutual Aid Pension) Program

Disability Welfare Pension (Disability Mutual Aid Pension) payments will be made in addition to Disability Basic Pension payments. If the disability does not fall under eligibility for first- or second-grade Disability Basic Pension but meets a certain standard of disability, Disability Welfare Pension (Disability Mutual Aid Pension) payments will be made for third-grade disability. For moderate disabilities lower than third-grade (established disabilities), a disability allowance will be paid.

Are there specific conditions for eligibility to receive disability pension?

All of the following conditions must be met in order to receive disability pension:

  • The grade of disability is higher than the government standard on the day 18 months have passed from initial medical consultation (day of disability assessment).
  • The patient was covered by a pension plan on the day of initial consultation. <Note>
  • Over two-thirds of premiums were paid towards the National Pension Plan for the duration of membership prior to the day of initial consultation (including exemption period) and that no payments were missed for any standard month during the period of one year prior to that day.
  • The patient is under 65 years of age on the day of disability assessment (for Disability Basic Pension).

<Note> Persons under 20 at the time of initial consultation may apply after their 20th birthday (day of disability assessment if that day is within 18 months). There are limitations to the Disability Basic Pension Plan for those whose initial consultation was when they were younger than 20 years of age.

Please consult with social workers at your medical facility for details, as conditions vary.

Can I receive pension payment without a disability certificate?

Even if you do not have a disability certificate, with the standard requirement, you will be eligible to receive pension. Pension requirements for grade of disability do not necessarily coincide with those of certificate requirements.

How do I apply for disability pension?

Submit the necessary documents at reception. This will depend on the type of pension you are with. Persons whose initial consultation date was during their third-grade disability stage will need to make their application at the social insurance office in the jurisdiction of their residence.

What you need to apply for disability pension

Necessary documents

  1. Assessment requisition (filled out in person)
  2. Attending doctor's report (filled out by physician)
    diagnostic report of present condition if not recognized with disability within three months of disability assessment date. Written formats differ according to disability. A diagnostic report titled "other disability" will be used for HIV patients.
  3. Statement of clinical history (statement of clinical history and employment, for welfare pension)
    daily activities filled out in person or by family member
  4. Pension booklet or document stating basic pension number.
  5. Extract of family register
  6. Copy of certificate of residence
  7. Bank book
  8. Personal seal
  9. Health insurance card
  10. Document showing proof of initial consultation (when submitting to a medical facility other than where initial consultation was made).
  11. Other (as requested)

Place of Application

  1. National Pension (Disability Basic Pension)
    National Pension section of local government
  2. Welfare Pension (Disability Welfare Pension)
    Social Insurance office
  3. Mutual Aid Pension
    Mutual Aid Pension

After review, National Pension documents will be sent to the social insurance bureau and Welfare Pension (Mutual Aid Pension) documents to the social insurance business center. The documents will then be assessed under national and welfare pension disability accreditation criteria and placement will be made.

How much is a disability pension payment?

National Pension (Disability Basic Pension) and Welfare Pension (Disability Welfare Pension) annuities are illustrated in the table below (figures are as of 2004).
* Please note that figures vary in accordance to fluctuation of the economy, each year.

1. National Pension Plan

Annual pension payments for National Pension Plan (Disability Basic Pension) (as of 2020)

National Pension Plan (Disability Basic Plan)
1st-grade 977,125 yen / year (81,427 yen/month)
2nd-grade 781,700 yen / year (65,141 yen/month)

If the recipient has child dependents (child under 18 or child with first-grade or second-grade disability), the above figures will be raised.

2. Welfare Pension Program

Monthly payments are calculated based on the amount of regular monthly income. Disability Welfare Pension is added to Disability Basic Pension.

Annual pension payments for Welfare Pension Program (Disability Welfare Pension)

Welfare Pension Program (Disability Welfare Pension)
1st-grade Earnings-related component x 1.25 + spouse's pension benefit + disability basic pension
2nd-grade Earnings-related component + spouse's pension benefit + disability basic pension
3rd-grade Earnings-related component (minimum payment 586,300 yen / year – no additions)

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