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The Physical Disability Certificate

What is the Physical Disability Certificate?

This certificate is provided to persons with physical disabilities as defined by the principles of the Act for the Welfare of Persons with Disabilities, upon submission of a medical report and approval that the level of disability meets the standard of certification. HIV infection is categorized under immune dysfunction.

What are the benefits of being certified as a person with disabilities?

Certified persons will be able to take advantage of a number of services stipulated under the Act for the Welfare of Persons with Disabilities. Holders of the Physical Disability Certificate are entitled to certain types of preferential treatment.
e.g.) JR and expressway discounts, discounted entrance fees into public facilities, income declaration deductions, etc.

What information is printed on the Certificate?

Each local government has its own format. The certificate issued by the City of Hiroshima is a long and narrow sheet of paper folded over, with the type of disability ("Immune Dysfunction" for HIV patients), disability rating (grades 1 – 4) and address on the inside. A photograph is attached to the outer side of the certificate along with information such as date of birth and date of issuance.

How can I apply for a Physical Disability Certificate?

Submit necessary documents (see below) to welfare services at the government office in your jurisdiction. Your prefecture or municipality will grade your disability based on your medical report, and a certificate will be issued by your local government.

What you need to apply for a Physical Disability Certificate:

1. Application form (to be filled out in person)
2. Medical report (to be filled out by a designated physician)
3. Personal seal
4. 2 photos (4cm in length x 3 cm w)
5. Residence card or Special permanent resident certificate (non-Japanese only)

Who fills out the medical report needed to obtain a Physical Disability Certificate?

Article 15 of the Act for the Welfare of Persons with Disabilities designates physicians who are eligible to fill out the medical report. Generally, at least one doctor in every HIV treatment facility, usually an internist or pediatrician, is a designated physician under Article 15. A medical report written by any other doctor will not be accepted.

Where can I find documents necessary for application?

Application forms and other documentation in relation to application for the certificate are available at your local government office and designated medical facility where you are receiving treatment. Ask at the front desk or medical services counter.

Must I make the application in person?

As a rule, the applicant is expected to apply in person. However, in cases where severe disabilities make this difficult, application by a representative in lieu of the applicant will be allowed. In consideration of social discrimination against HIV patients, application by proxy or mail may also be approved. Representation is not restricted to family members. If delegated, a hospital worker (social worker) can make the application on behalf of the applicant.

How long will it take for the certificate to reach me?

It usually takes about four to six weeks for Physical Disability Certificate to be processed. Although they are generally picked up in person, exceptions will be made for mail delivery.

When can I begin using welfare services?

Welfare services can be used starting the date of issuance stated on the Physical Disability Certificate.

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