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Hiroshima University Hospital continues to take all possible infection control measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure the safety of patients and visitors. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety during transportation of those who wish to receive PEP prescription (post-exposure prophylaxis of anti-HIV drugs) at our hospital at their own expense, those who are currently living in areas that have been declared a state of emergency or are subject to pre-emergency measures, or those who have had sexual intercourse in such areas, may be asked to refrain from coming to our hospital. Thank you for your understanding.

Hiroshima University Hospital
PEP Guide


PEP, an abbreviation for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis, is a prevention strategy for HIV infection. If you may have been exposed to HIV, you are required to take anti-HIV drugs used for HIV infection treatment within 72 hours of exposure. The medication should be taken once or twice a day for 30 days.

Eligibility for PEP

Those who have sexual contact with a HIV-positive person or a person at risk of HIV infection without the use of a condom within the last 72 hours

Non-Eligibility for PEP

Those who are infected with HIV and who have sexual contact with a known HIV-negative person are not eligible for PEP.

For PEP treatment for healthcare professionals who have experienced a needlestick injury at work, please contact the health promotion division of the prefectural government where the relevant medical or welfare institution is located, our hospital, or a nearby AIDS core hospital. (For those in Hiroshima Prefecture, please visit this website:

Medical Examination/Drug Fees

  • Since preventive medication using anti-HIV drugs after sexual exposure to HIV is not officially approved in Japan, medical examination and prescription fees are not covered by health insurance. You must bear all fees for medical examinations, drugs, tests, and other services, too.
    The fees are calculated based on the number of points for medical care covered by health insurance (one point = 10 yen).
    However, the rules of our hospital stipulate that those who fall under all of the following three items should pay fees calculated, with one point for medical care covered by health insurance corresponding to 30 yen:
    1) Those who do not have Japanese health insurance
    2) Foreign nationals
    3) Those whose base of living is not in Japan
    Please bring something to prove that you do not fall under any of the items above.
  • You are required to pay all medical examination and drug fees on the day of the medical examination. Although you may pay the fees by credit card, some pharmacies do not accept payment by credit card. For payment by credit card, please contact us in advance.
  • [Rough Estimate]
    Estimated tax-exclusive fees in FY 2019
    Please note that the estimated fees may differ from actual fees.
    [One point = 10 yen] Initial examination fee Drug fee Total Option
    Initial examination 3,500 yen 100,000 yen 103,500 yen HIV antigen/antibody test: 3,320 yen
    Follow-up examination 1,500 yen 115,000 yen 116,500 yen Liver/kidney function test: 5,070 yen
    [One point = 30 yen] Initial examination fee Drug fee Total Option
    Initial examination 10,500 yen 100,000 yen 110,500 yen HIV antigen/antibody test: 9,960 yen
    Follow-up examination 4,500 yen 115,000 yen 119,500 yen Liver/kidney function test: 15,210 yen

Office Hours

Weekdays: 8:30-16:00
(Service unavailable on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and during out-of-hours)

Clinical Department


Procedures for medical examination

If you visit our hospital with no appointment, you cannot see a physician, in principle.

For those who speak Japanese


Call the AIDS Care Team Office, Hiroshima University Hospital to inform us that you want to take PEP medication.


The staff of the AIDS Care Team Office will explain the precautions for taking PEP medication at the time of your appointment.

  • Whether the suspected sexual contact occurred within the last 72 hours
  • Medical examination and drug fees / Payment method
  • Your name, date of birth, contact information (place of residence, etc.), whether you have a medical card for our hospital and a health insurance card, your language, etc.

We will call you later to inform you of your appointment date and time.

  • Approximately one to two hours will be required for the medical examination. However, there may be some waiting time depending on the situation.

Flow of PEP treatment from the initial examination to the follow-up examination


Medical examination procedure

  • Visit Counter No. 3 or No. 4 at the General Reception on the first floor of the Clinical Building of Hiroshima University Hospital to follow the procedure for the medical examination. If you do not have Japanese national health insurance, we need to copy your passport and credit card.
  • Bring your medical card for our hospital if you have it.
  • After going through reception at the reception counter at the clinical department designated by the staff, wait for your turn.

Interview and medical examination by a physician

  • A physician examines you in a consultation room.
  • After receiving an explanation of the drugs, how to take the drugs, their side effects, and fees regarding the use of drugs not covered by insurance, you are required to sign a letter of agreement.
  • If you wish to undergo a simultaneous HIV-1/2 antigen/antibody detection test, you need to have blood drawn.
  • You are then given a prescription for 14 days of drugs at the initial visit.

Fee calculation

  • Submit your prescription to the Fee Calculation Counter at Reception No. 101.

Payment of medical examination fees to our hospital

  • Pay your medical examination fees to our hospital at an automatic payment machine or at Counter No. 9 at the General Reception on the first floor of the Clinical Building.

Provision of drugs and payment of drug fees

  • Drugs will be given to you after you submit your prescription to an external pharmacy and pay the drug fees.
  • Tell the staff at the pharmacy that your medical examination and drug expenses are not covered by health insurance.

Follow-up examination

  • You are required to receive a follow-up medical examination 14 days after taking the drug.
  • If it is confirmed during the medical examination that you have not experienced any side effects, another 16 days of drugs will be prescribed to you.
  • Pay the medical examination and drug fees and receive the drugs in the same way as at your initial examination.
  • If you cannot come to the hospital for the follow-up examination, consult with a physician.

Side Effects

  • It is sometimes reported that a few percent of people experience nausea and other digestive problems and that two to four percent of people experience insomnia, irritation, and dizziness, in which you feel like you are floating up and down or back and forth. If you have any symptoms to be worried about after taking the medication, please contact us.
  • Side effects occurring after PEP medication are not covered by the Relief System for Sufferers from Adverse Drug Reactions. Please note that medical examination and drug fees incurred by the onset of side effects should be paid at your own expense.
  • If you have any symptoms that you are worried about after taking the drug, please contact the AIDS Care Team Office of Hiroshima University Hospital.
    (AIDS Care Team Office, Hiroshima University Hospital Tel: 082-257-5351)

To Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Although PEP can prevent HIV infection, it cannot prevent other sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and hepatitis A. You are required to continue taking measures to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, including using a condom.

Medical Examination Application

Please answer the following questions.
After an application, an automatic reply email arrives.
We will send you an email reply informing you of the date and time of your appointment.

1) Did you have sexual contact with an HIV-positive person or a person at risk of HIV infection?
2) Did you have the suspected sexual contact within the last 72 hours?

*When did the sexual contact occur?: (mm/dd) at around Japan time
3) Are you HIV-positive?
4) Do you agree with the medical examination/drug fees listed on this page?
5) Full name:
6) Sex:
7) Date of birth:
8) Nationality

country name :
9) Place of residence

country name :
10) Where are you now in Japan?
11) Do you have the Japanese health insurance?
12) How did you know about the PEP treatment provided by our hospital?
13) Have you ever received PEP treatment?
14) Desired date and time:
15) E-mail address:
16) Confirm email address:
17) Telephone number:
18) Other inquiries:


AIDS Care Team Office, Hiroshima University Hospital

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Tel: 082-257-5351