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Ehime University Hospital


Classification CCore Hospital
SSelf-sufficiency support
Address 454 Shitsukawa, Toon City, Ehime, Japan 791-0295
Phone / Fax Phone 089-964-5111 / Fax 089-960-5134
Official site
HIV Treatment Departments First Department of Internal Medicine (Infectious Disease Internal Medicine)
Number of regular visitors to the hospital 100~499 persons
About Initial Medical Examination Reception Hours: 8:30-10:30
Where to make medical appointments: Total Medical Support Center (Phone: 089-960-5261) Hours for Treatment also applies to the Office Hours for the Center
Notes All departments are available for medical treatment.
Basically based on appointments, but medical examinations will be held on an as-needed basis.
Outpatient Department is provided with private rooms. Consultation rooms are available.
Contact number Comprehensive Medical Support Center (HIV Medical Team)
Phone: 089-960-5261

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Directions / Map

From Aidai-igakubu-minamiguchi (Ehime University Medical School South Exit) Station on the Iyotetsu Yokogawara Line, walk for 5 minutes.

To the general public and patients

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