Chugoku-Shikoku Regional AIDS Center

Task of the AIDS Center

Chugoku-Shikoku Regional AIDS Center provides comprehensive care for HIV Infection.

The three core hospitals in the center provide physical as well as mental and social care for people with HIV Infection. To perform comprehensive care more smoothly and adequately, the staff members in charge of AIDS (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, psychology counselors, MSW, liaison officers for local government and others) at the three hospitals and the Hiroshima Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists are holding regular "Three Hospitals Meetings" once every two months. The latter part of these meetings is open to other medical specialists as an open conference, in addition to the staff members in charge of AIDS.

At the meetings, we discuss issues that include:

  1. Introducing literature regarding HIV Infection and the latest lectures
  2. Reporting on other meetings, conferences and related events
  3. Case introduction and case conferences
  4. Presenting future schedules
  5. Designing and planning future events to be organized by the center

The staff members at the center are happy to see anyone upon request from patients or supervising doctors at hospitals that are not among the three core hospitals. The center is waiting for your inquiries. Doctors at the center will give feedback on the results of the medical examination and their opinions as a Second Doctor's Opinion to the patient, as well as to his or her supervising doctor. The center would appreciate it if you would notify your supervising doctor beforehand. Doctors at the center have received requests for consultations on medical care from various health institutions nationwide via postal mail, telephone and e-mail.

The center dispatches medical specialist doctors.

If the patient is being hospitalized and unable to come to Hiroshima, upon a request from the patient and his or her supervising doctor, the center can dispatch a medical specialist doctor from one of the three core hospitals. Additional fees are not necessary, as the cost of the dispatch will be covered by funds of the project budget that we have been allocated.

The center dispatches lecturers for HIV/AIDS study meetings for healthcare professionals.

If such organizations as local governments, hospitals, doctors associations, nurses associations and AIDS-related NGOs wish to hold lecture meetings related to HIV Infection, the center can dispatch lecturers. Please feel free to contact us.

The center holds study and training meetings regarding HIV/AIDS.

The Chugoku-Shikoku Regional AIDS Center holds study and training meetings on HIV/AIDS every year targeting doctors, pharmacists, nurses, psychological counselors and social workers working for the three core hospitals in the region.

The major training programs are as follows:

  • Workshop for AIDS Clinicians
  • Anti-HIV Medication Instruction Workshop for Pharmacists
  • Training for Nurses as AIDS Clinic Worker, Elementary Level (twice a year)
  • Case Study Workshop for Nurses
  • Block/Core Base Hospital Nurse Representatives Meeting
  • HIV Counseling Workshop for Psychology Profession (for beginners)
  • HIV/AIDS Counselor Training Course (twice a year)
  • Comprehensive HIV Counseling Workshop
  • Counseling Workshop for HIV Antibody Testing Consultation Workers
  • Liaison Conference for HIV Counselors at Core Base Hospitals
  • HIV/AIDS Social Workers Network Conference and Workshop
  • Research Conference for the Establishment of a Dental Care System.
  • Hiroshima Prefectural Dental Association Workshop on HIV Infectious Diseases

The center provides information related to AIDS


The Chugoku-Shikoku Regional AIDS Center has been providing information since 1997, when the center launched its website. In addition, the center has published four newsletters entitled "The Chugoku-Shikoku AIDS Center Newsletter" since 1997. In 1999 the center published a total of six editions of its nationwide newsletter entitled "AIDS UPDATE JAPAN." At present, the AIDS Care Team Office of the Hiroshima University Hospital is editing and publishing its in-house newsletter, entitled "AIDS UPDATE", for staff members of the Hiroshima University Hospital on an as-needed basis.

The center has been putting out several publications related to AIDS, including "Anti-HIV drug interactions," "Medication information," and "AIDS-related word lists", and been distributing them to such organizations as core hospitals, public health centers and NGOs nationwide since 2000, by utilizing welfare, labor and science research funds.